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Preparation Is Key!

The key to a successful home purchase is to be fully prepared in advance so that you can feel comfortable in the home shopping process. If you are not fully prepared, you may lose out on great properties and you will find yourself disappointed and frustrated. To be prepared to purchase a home, buyers should become pre-approved first and foremost. Pre-Approval for a Home Loan is essential if you are not able to pay cash for your new property. The better prepared you are as a buyer the happier you will be about your decisions and ultimately about your new property. Suzanne and the Cal Home Team will assist you in becoming fully prepared to begin your home shopping process.

Once you are ready to make an offer on a property, Suzanne and the Team will engage their superior skills, competitive offer tactics and top negotiating skills in gear!

“Kris and Suzanne are extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of real estate. They helped me understand the current home buying process with regard to the loan types; guided me to the right lender; monitored the lender to ensure I was receiving the best advice and highest level of customer service; and assisted me in navigating this stressful and difficult process. Both Kris and Suzanne were my champions and quickly respond to questions I have, even now, well after the sale. I highly recommend them. They are great Realtors but more importantly wonderful, kind people.

What Sets Us Apart

First, we know how important it is to find the “right” property. Properties are the foundations for families and financial gain. It is one of the most important decisions people can make in their lifetime. We do not take this lightly. We understand the importance of making a good decision and obtaining the right property.

Our expertise enables our clients to be top contenders for the properties they want to purchase. Representing you allows our outstanding reputation to accompany your offer. We are well known for representing clients who are fully prepared and who are educated in the “offer-to-close” process which allows the seller to feel peace of mind in their selection of our client’s offer. Bottom line, our reputation, superior skills, and expert-level knowledge allows for a smooth purchase of your new home.